I am so grateful to Dr. Quo for his patience, kindness, deep knowledge of his field, as well as his integrity in fulfilling his commitment as a member of the medical corp at large. My son was very scared of the dentist and would not trust anyone to touch him, put anything in his mouth - not even fingers to check the health of his gums. Dr. Quo took the time to get to know my son and find various ways to ease his tension. Dr. Quo established rapport with him (versus one dentist who asked me to leave the room so that he can hold my son down and get the procedure done). Dr. Quo didn't look at us as customers to quickly fill a 30-minute appointment block, which is some times the case these days. In the end, Dr. Quo was successful and my son is now healing from an infection that would have been treated incorrectly and poorly had I not insisted on getting a second opinion. Thank goodness I did because Dr. Quo went with the least invasive method, knowing of the body's capacity to heal itself. We need more doctors like Dr. Quo in the world. We are truly grateful.

- Shireen P

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