Patient Testimonials

Michelle T., Palo Alto, CA

Dr. Quo is great!  He has a great bedside manner and is really understanding when my son is, ummm, uncooperative.

My four year-old loves coming here because :

1. there are tons of toys he can play with in the waiting area
2. he can watch cartoons while they are cleaning his teeth
3. he gets a bag of goodies with each visit (e.g. toothbrushes, hourglass, etc.)
4. at the end of the visit, he gets a gold coin that retrieves him a toy  from the vending machine.

I love this place because I get in and out quickly and the waiting area is so clean!  The hygienists are great as well — nice, thorough, and quick.

Jasmine O., Redwood City, CA

I love Dr. Brian!  But, most importantly, my daughter loves Dr. Brian!  His office is the second office we’ve been to, and I’ve been much more happy with his work, his office, his staff and the overall experience.

My daughter will often go to grab some juice, stop in her tracks and say to herself, “oh, wait, Dr. Brian says I should drink water”, then go pour a glass of water.  Pretty impressive for a 3 year old.

He did a filling with no novacaine, using only nitrous oxide and my daughter laid there peacefully the whole time, hugging her stuffed dog.

Dr. Brian hasn’t been aggressive with his recommendations and I trust him to do quality work.

I’m very happy to have found this office!

C H., Palo Alto, CA

Hmmm, I’m surprised that there are no reviews for Dr. Brian Quo, my kids’ dentist for the past couple years. He’s kind, gentle, and thoughtful, and his his office staff is pleasant and efficient. He doesn’t talk down to kids or parents, and he offers suggestions in a friendly and not-overbearing way. Yes, he knows we know we need to floss more…

My 7yo son is very nervous about needles, etc. and is easily freaked out in general. He’s had cleanings and fillings twice (bummer!). When he had multiple fillings at once, we opted to go with sedation – pricey but relatively painless. The second instance, a filling needed to be replaced and Dr. Quo was able to do it without needing anesthesia. He checks in often to make sure my son is comfortable and does a great job explaining what’s going on.

My daughter, who started going at age 2, thinks that going to the dentist is like going to the spa. Or the movies. Plus you get a toy at the end.

The office itself is very kid-friendly. Lots of toys, games, books, and movies to keep the kids occupied while their little mouths are being worked on.

Although Dr. Quo not a preferred provider on our dental insurance, the office staff is quick to submit claims and we’ve never had a problem getting reimbursed promptly.

Amee C. , Palo Alto, CA

Whew!  What a relief!!  My 4-year-old son’s first dentist appointment was a dream!!  Dr. Quo was wonderful with him, treating him so nicely and then treating me so professionally as well!  The office was inviting to visit,  my son loved the toys and the personal TV screen in the patient room was a great distracting touch!  The dentist chairs are kid sized and there are plenty of mommy and daddy magazines to keep us happy too!  We loved the vending machine toy he got to pick out and couldn’t wait to go back!!  Wow!!

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